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Chapters range from the prerevolutionary era to today to grapple with an array of captivating issues: how descriptions of bodies shaped colonial Americans' understandings of race and sex; same-sex sexual desire and violence within slavery; whiteness in gay and lesbian history; college women's agitation against heterosexual norms in the 1940s and 1950s; the ways society used sexualized bodies to sculpt ideas of race and racial beauty; how Mexican silent film icon Ramon Navarro masked his homosexuality with his racial identity; and sexual representation in mid-twentieth-century black print pop culture. This collection's greatest achievement is to broaden readers' approaches to intersectional identities and to enable readers to re-imagine the humanity of the actors in this volume."--Allyson Hobbs, author of A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life Jennifer Brier is an associate professor of history and of gender and women's studies, and director of the Program in Gender and Women's Studies, at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The result is both an enlightening foray into ignored areas and an elucidation of new perspectives that challenge us to reevaluate what we "know" of our own history.

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Even wacko feminists and eunuch "feminist" males didn't really believe Hill. (Some women were NOT to be believed: The ones telling pollsters they believed Thomas over Hill, 2 to 1.) After years of this sex panic, with men being sued for telling their secretaries "you look great in that," feminists finally got themselves a genuine sexual predator with President Bill Clinton.

As mentioned, they just wanted to block Thomas' nomination in order to save "choice." In the end, 11 Democrats voted to confirm his nomination.

Feminists lost the battle, but won the war by bothering all of us with their sexual harassment training sessions for the next few decades.

Transgender people have been in the news a lot recently, often in connection with activities that cisgender people take for granted, like using public restrooms, acquiring official identification, competing in sports, or serving in the military.

Carter, Ernesto Chvez, Brian Connolly, Jim Downs, Marisa J. The editors and contributors should be commended for doing a superb job of drawing connections over three centuries, thereby inviting readers to critically interrogate this contested history.

The essays are bold and thought provoking and consider underexplored areas of historical inquiry.

Historical note for my younger readers: George Washington didn't grab women's breasts or force them to watch him masturbate.

There have been tectonic shifts in Americans' attitudes about sex, but the idea of thanking someone by sending him a prostitute with a note in her vagina is of relatively recent vintage. ) (For Larry David fans, Evans' birth name was Robert Shapera.) These are the major epochs in American sexual history: 1607-1968: Women in America were treated better than any place else on Earth, at any time in history.

The whole country knew Anita Hill was not telling the truth when she claimed Thomas had sexually harassed her at the U. Hill didn't want to go public with her story (for good reason).

But she was assured by feminists that she just had to whisper vague allegations to the Senate Judiciary Committee and Thomas would quietly withdraw.

Also, writer Dagoberto Gilb tells a story about his much-anticipated trip to Mexico, in which he found himself stuck indoors during an earthquake strike.

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