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Our VR offerings via WAAP starting this month should better represent what's in store for the new year (cuckolding, threesomes, and more! Through 2018 and beyond we will keep up this collaboration with RADIX offering foreign fans of JAV the opportunity to have custom content made. We've been getting many requests to offer users a way to purchase movies without needing to subscribe.Adding the ability to do so be it lifetime downloads and time-limited streaming is something we are looking into adding to ZENRA.Officials from Dubai's state transport authority have announced that they aim to have hover-taxis up and running by July this year, with passengers able to get around at an altitude of 300 metres (1,000 feet), and at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 mph).

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We do not have an ETA for this though later next year seems like a strong possibility. ZENRA has teamed up with RADIX to provide foreign users the ability to order custom movies via their bimonthly ‘Order Made Masturbation’ program. VIP Information VIP status is a free opt-in upgrade that allows subscribers to download movies with the orange ' Exclusive' tag and is only offered to subscribers who either are on a 90 day subscription or are monthly subscribers of ZENRA for 3 or more consecutive months with the exception of Streaming-Only subscribers.

Thus, if you are not currently a subscriber and are hoping to get just a certain movie, we still suggest signing up the normal way for the time being. As some may noticed, for a long time we've generally avoided showing movies with large casts. We've been hinting at it on social media since we signed the deal with Soft on Demand last summer, but yes, everyone's favorite 'bizarre Japanese porn' studio will be a regular feature at ZENRA beginning in about a week. If this describes you, please contact support and ask for a VIP upgrade.

And fortunately just like previous State of the Unions, this one about our 2018 plans is all good news.

If you saw this multi-paragraph beast and thought it would be filled with even the sliver of negativity, you may now rest easy. Since June and still as of writing this, ZENRA remains one of the few ways to legally acquire JAV VR titles through an English interface.

He speculates that this could pose a safety risk, but hopefully that's something the Dubai authorities have investigated.

As with all things tech, we'll have to see the great hover-taxi up and running before we believe it.At a time when "red fever" ran high, Hoover's relentlessly tightening control on government investigations is shown in flashbacks that only underscore how supreme power can corrupt even the noblest of intentions.In the end, the film answers none of the questions that seem so important to the very critics that disliked it, but in my humble opinion, a well made film is one that inspires debate or discussion rather than simply hand down a definitive 'this is the way it was' with an imperious gavel."The command centre will monitor every 184 in the air 24/7, and the company plans integrate with existing air traffic controller operations." This means that it will be up to the discretion of safety advisors if weather conditions on any given day are safe enough for flight.One concern Tilley pointed out is, at the time of reporting in June 2016, the 184 wasn't equipped with the same kind of sense-and-avoid technology that self-driving cars on the road in the US have.Of course, we've seen many flying and hover car concepts come and go over the past few years, breaking our hearts every time their big promises of changing the face of transport forever fail to bear out, so we have to remain skeptical until this thing is actually in operation.

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