entre nous dating - Starting mysql manager of pid file quit without updating file

Every once a while, when I update my Free BSD box, the system likes to shutdown my My SQL server.

starting mysql manager of pid file quit without updating file-32

This can happen when My SQL can’t write to the /tmp partition to create a lock file.

$ df -h Also, this may be because, somehow the /tmp partition has been cleared and the My SQL server is looking for the PID file there.

Unfortunately, the upgrade process is not smooth every time. Instead of troubleshooting each one by one, the easiest way is to start everything over.

For example, I experienced this problem today after upgrading the Apache and Ruby (Yes, My SQL is not part of the update), and I got this error message afterward.

After rebooting the computer, the error message is gone.

If you have modified your My SQL configuration file, My SQL may not like it few versions after (My SQL is not backward compatibility friendly).

Magento has a default built in cache management system that when enabled caches system data such as configuration, layouts, blocks, translations etc.

We can also use redis to create a fast Magento CE caching system for session and full page (fpc) data too.

For CE users with a small to medium sized shop there are two free popular open source memory caching systems, Memcache and Redis.


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