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I was heartbroken, I never got in trouble for anything like that before. I just ask that you don't make a habit out of it though,” Mr.

But out of nowhere he breaks up with me after 2 years. Then he started climbing down and started undoing my pants. “Just so you know, I'm considering giving you a raise,” Pete said. Then he pulled my blue thong off as well and started going down on me. It was already wet a bit of course since I was masturbating earlier. Spread out those pussy lips as far as you can,” I said loudly. He stuck his tongue in there and began moving it around inside my pussy.

I had what seemed to be a good relationship with Tim. He squeezed it a little, then I leaned back completely and he was on top of me. “I told you that you can call me Pete,” Pete replied. “Whoa, I didn't say you could grab my boobs,” I said. He just kept grabbing them firmly as he stuck his tongue into my wet pussy. He just kept fucking me the way I had never been fucked before.

He bullshitted me and told me he needed some time away from me due to commitment issues.

Then he put his hand onto my leg and rubbed it slowly.

Then he kissed me on the lips and I didn't object to it. So we made out for a few minutes and then I started to lean back a little onto my back.

So I wasn't sure I was ready to jump back in just yet. He was licking my pussy with his really nice tongue he had. Then he brought his hands back down and began to spread out my pussy lips.

That time he grabbed them more firmly though, since I wasn't wearing a shirt or bra. “Oh yeah, pinch those nipples Pete, I love that,” I said. I brought him in once again and gave him another really big kiss. I noticed he was getting very sweaty all of the sudden.

I held him down with me really tightly and he put his hands onto my boobs again. “Tell me something I don't know my lady,” Pete replied. We still didn't hear anything from Jennifer, so we just kept going at it like mad. I put my hands onto his butt once again as he was thrusting his dick still and he had out a few inches in between us. “Just don't explode just yet, I don't wanna get pregnant just yet,” I said.

He kissed me again as he put his hands on my boob again. I saw his dick for the first time as he put about a foot between us. Then I put my boobs right over his mouth and he began licking my nipples. Then he pulled me down and we turned over so I was on my back.


  1. ” The nurse tried in vain to console me: patting my hand, then giving me an awkward hug.

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