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We quizzed the trainer on her fitness philosophy and the workouts she used to keep the stars in shape.

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A lot of the time people think that if they just do cardio they'll lose weight and their legs will get tight or their butt will lift but unfortunately, that's not the case.

You really need to add in the weight training to put resistance on the muscle and get that body to change.

It could be hiking or cross-country skiing – there are so many things that can get your heart rate up.

Out of those six, you have three days you're going to do your strength training.

And then when you do eat cooked foods make sure that you can tell, even after its cooked what that food is in its original state.

Stay away from processed foods, things that have been manipulated and anything that you don't understand what the ingredients are whether that's preservatives or chemicals or dyes.

I also look at the quality, I pick European cheeses for a reason – they are always from cows that have not been grain-fed, they've been grass-fed and they don't have the antibiotic injections, it's a natural food.

And I'm not going to have a piece of bread that is just a random piece of bread. And ones that use really good and high-quality ingredients and so that's when it becomes more of an intentional desire to have something good and that you're conscious about it.

Trading in the trainers for a mobile phone and an arsenal of knowledge of all things health and fitness, she now works as a consultant, speaking with people all over the world and helping them to reach their health and fitness goals.

Kaehler turned to the telephone when hip replacement surgery caused her to have to take a break from personal training, 'because I want my body to be back where it was but I have to be patient and let myself heal,' explained Kaehler.'I was an athlete so I was in sport throughout all of my life. It was a big part of my life to be active.' Nowadays, Kaehler loves to swim, ride her bike and strength train using weights.

You become acclimated toward what you're doing and so sometimes you might need to work out a little harder or try a different class, your routine might need some tweaking.

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