Web camera online toilet

Upon closer inspection, Mr Adebanwo found an on switch and a flashing light believed to be a motion detector to trigger filming.

The Octagon Webcam gives a view of the Octagon looking towards St Clair. This captured image shows St Clair beach, popular with surfers and one of the top spots of Dunedin. Port Otago operates a number of webcams around the Otago Harbour.

This camera is located at Taiaroa Head facing north-west across the entrance to the harbour. Web cams from a variety of high traffic locations around Dunedin including Leith Saddle.

Mr Adebanwo first thought he had found an air freshener before realising it was something more sinister and reported the shocking incident to police the same day.

The camera, originally disguised as a clothes hook, had been modified to look more inconspicuous while its USB slot and SD card remained hidden.

Applying pressure to the front of the unit switches it on with a blue light confirming it is powered up and ready to capture footage of unsuspecting members of the public.

Sticky back plastic is then used to apply the seedy device to any wall or door.

If you can’t see the camera then there is no real way of knowing it is there. A Costa spokesman said: “We are aware of this issue in the Maidstone area and continue to support Kent Police with their investigations.

"Our stores' teams have been asked to remain vigilant whilst the investigation continues." Waterstones has been contacted for comment.

Webcam views from around the City including Surfcam, Octagoncam and views from the campus and Port Otago, railway station and Forsyth Barr stadium.

This captured image is taken from the top of Highgate bridge in Dunedin.

On the reverse of the device is an on and off switch next to a USB port while an SD card slots into the bottom of it.

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