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he unfortunate consequence of not allowing the process of “creative destruction” to occur in banking and Big Business is that the historic forces behind it will seek expression elsewhere in the realm of politics and governance.The desperate antics of central banks to cover up financial failure can’t help but provoke political upheaval, including war.

Please stand up for the innocent animals whose fragile lives are cut short by these torture devices.

Sign now to tell Amazon to stop selling steel-jaw and all other leghold traps immediately.

Sadly, the kitten was euthanized to end the suffering. And shockingly, anyone with Internet access can purchase a cruel leghold trap -- just like the one that took this kitten’s life -- on Amazon..

Steel-jaw leghold traps are often used by hunters, who want people to believe that they’re selective with the animals they trap.

I’m not advocating for this gentleman, but it will at least be interesting to see Martin O’Malley jump into the race and call bullshit on her, which he will do, literally, because he has nothing to lose by doing it. What happens on the world financial scene will determine the flow of events up into the 2016 election.

The built-up tensions and fragilities are begging for release.

But the truth is that they can’t control which animals get caught.

One study found that 76% of the time, the animal caught was a non-target animal.

In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.


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