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Others opt for the totally grotesque, strange or downright creepy concepts.In time for Halloween, we thought it would be a treat to revisit some of the spookiest goalie masks of all time.

There have been skeletons, vampires, goblins and ghouls aplenty, plus that one time Carey Price did that very disturbing Plante tribute.

For much more, SN contributor Jennifer Conway shares the creepy, cool, strange stories behind each mask.

Patrick Roy’s backup during the franchise’s second championship run in 2001, Aebischer built upon the Colorado Avalanche shoulder logo with the legendary Yeti/Bigfoot emerging from its snow-laden hideout.

The twin eagles on each side of his shield were one of the few constants in Belfour’s career, which was split amongst five different teams.

Nonetheless, the man they call the “Bulin Wall” has plenty of his own personality going here, nickname reference and all.

In terms of their position, Kidd’s dragons were reminiscent of Belfour’s eagles.

In the two decades since, only a select few Sharks stoppers have rivaled or bested Hayward, fashion-wise.

Though better known for his many years (and many masks, like this one) as a Flyer, Hextall’s best-looking helmet was from his single season as a Quebec Nordique.

It’s so simply conceived, yet has hardly been seen from any of Howard’s predecessors between the Red Wings' pipes.


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