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Not only are you seeking the parents' approval, but you're seeing if your partner is actually comfortable being surrounded by black people.

I also wondered how it would make the show different, and how it would stay the same.

What I wasn't prepared for is how many real moments I would see for a show that is arguably an unrealistic reality show about people getting engaged after less than two months of "dating." The first moment that brought me back to reality was when the season kicked off with Rachel meeting her first four suitors on After the Final Rose.

So when the actual season of The Bachelorette began, Dean almost immediately brought up his comment to Rachel to get a reaction.

She acted perfectly fine with it, and even referred to it as line.

But we have seen Rachel laying down the groundwork for some of the men.

She previously asked Bryan if his family would accept her and he assures her that they will.

And it's even more horrifying knowing the producers included this man to stir up reality show drama.

via GIPHY We saw on The Bachelor that the stakes of meeting the parents are higher when in an interracial relationship.

We will have to see how this season's dates play out.

Rachel Lindsay's season may look like just any other season to many fans of the show.

This awkward sexualization isn't uncommon for black women in the dating world, and neither are the other racist undertones of the season.

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