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Most guys have no idea how to attract women because their natural self is bottled inside of fear, anxiety, and placing women on a pedestal.

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If you want a date, then you have to look attractive to a girl.

You can learn the secrets of attraction for less with a Double Your Dating Coupon.

Being yourself is an earned privilege and not a right.

De Angelo’s teachings come from his own experience, and years of studying experts.

The ebook is a powerful reference to create the whole mindset you must have to start dating physically and emotionally attractive women.

This touches on another topic where guys follow the age-old dating myth of “just be yourself”.

You don’t go telling yourself you should be attracted to this certain girl, because you simply can’t.

You are attracted to a girl because you simply are. That is exactly applicable to the opposite sex as well.

You learn that women are naturally attracted to handsome, tall, wealthy, or powerful men.

Though these characteristics instinctively trigger a woman’s natural feelings of attractiveness towards a guy, a man who develops his confidence, social skills, and attraction triggers can elicit more powerful sexual feelings from within her.

ebook is not an encyclopedia, but a reference to being successful with women.

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