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See full summary » Marcello is a successful architect, a husband and a distracted father (too) friendly.Marina is a psychologist maladjusted, wife and mother restrained 'eco-solidarity'.Notwithstanding: The level of disrespect and obnoxiousness the young people showed to their parents (seeming even physically threatening) might make some a little uncomfortable --or at least raise eyebrows.

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This post will be updated throughout the month as more premiere dates are announced.

If you notice I am missing a TV premiere on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments section and I will make sure to add it.

See full summary » The story of a young mother (Jasmine Trinca) with a failed marriage behind her, who fights daily for her dream to open a hair salon, challenging her fate in an effort to free herself and gain independence and right to happiness. E' un ex buzzurro del centro Italia che si dà arie da grande imprenditore settentrionale.

Convinto che con i soldi si ottenga tutto si lancia ...

As the Real Life section indicates, while not everyone finds older or younger people completely unapproachable, there's still frequently a gap there.

This can take the form of a young adult from one generation befriending someone old enough to be their parent or even grandparent, such as in the comedy .The rest of it is about what happens when you gather a bunch of oddballs together at a party and in a movie in general.EVERYONE in this movie should seek help; including Marina herself, who is a psychologist.Sister Trope to Mayfly December Friendship, which involves friendship between beings of vastly different lifespans.The following is a list of all December 2017 TV premiere dates (new series and seasons, original movies and documentaries, specials, and more).If parenting is a car, these people --for whatever reason-- still can't get the hang of it and are still crashing into trees and running into sign posts.


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