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If a true Virtual Box problem is encountered, it helps to categorize and isolate the problem first.Here are some of the questions that should be answered before reporting a problem: For problem determination, it is often important to collect debugging information which can be analyzed by Virtual Box support.

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For network related problems, it is often helpful to capture a trace of network traffic.

If the traffic is routed through an adapter on the host, it is possible to use Wireshark or a similar tool to capture the traffic there.

Any problems that a physical machine would encounter, a virtual machine will encounter as well.

If, for example, Internet connectivity is lost due to external issues, virtual machines will be affected just as much as physical ones.

In order to improve your user experience with Virtual Box, it is recommended to read this section to learn more about common pitfalls and get recommendations on how to use the product.

More often than not, a virtualized guest behaves like a physical system.

The release log file (VBox.log) contains a wealth of diagnostic information, such as Host OS type and version, Virtual Box version and build (32-bit or 64-bit), a complete dump of the guest's configuration (CFGM), detailed information about the host CPU type and supported features, whether hardware virtualization is enabled, information about VT-x/AMD-V setup, state transitions (creating, running, paused, stopping, etc.), guest BIOS messages, Guest Additions messages, device-specific log entries and, at the end of execution, final guest state and condensed statistics.

In case of crashes, it is very important to collect to create a dump of a complete virtual machine; see Section8.40, “VBox Manage debugvm”.

This section contains information about what kind of information can be obtained.

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