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Fortunately, recent court decisions have started going the other way on this issue, requiring much more evidence for a doctor to be allowed to offer a diagnosis. Many people think that there is no reason to call a criminal defense lawyer before being charged with a crime.

No matter how detestable the charges against you sound, there is hope that we can get you out of this, or at least minimize the damage.

As your Portland sex offenses attorney, I will work hard to find a creative solution to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

Traditionally in Oregon, a doctor's diagnosis of sexual abuse carried tremendous weight in a sexual assault case.

Even without any other physical sign, this diagnosis could be used to help convict someone of sexual abuse.

For these crimes, your criminal defense is critical.

The law in Oregon is changing in terms of what evidence is admissible and the weight given to a doctor's testimony.

However, a 0 million lawsuit, filed in the US last year, points to a darker side.

If it goes forward, it may be the last chapter of the story--a story of power struggles, drugs, and murders.

But as the organization grew, the material world became less and less immaterial.

After Prabhupada's death in 1977, ISKCON descended into chaos and scandal.

If you even think that you might be charged with a crime, contact an attorney as soon as possible. I will advise you on your case and give you an honest, accurate assessment of the costs of representation. Many of my clients refer other clients to me because I really care about their cases and I do everything I can to help them get the best deal possible.


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