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The review into the dating success of the world’s singletons reported that more than two thirds of Brits would describe themselves as a “dating disaster”.

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Incase you're wondering, there are no official "rules" to how often you need to wear the lipstick or when to wear it "for best results." We have to admit, we are not at ALL convinced by this whole concept, but it makes for some interesting reading, right?

Maybe the placebo effect is factor — if you believe it works, you may find yourself with a ring in no time.

, she got a gift last year from her brother and his girlfriend that was meant to help her land a husband.

No, it was not a subscription to a dating site – it was a lipstick (we're not joking).

News on the site was typically music oriented, or focused on youth culture, fashion, and internet gossip.

Because member pages were rendered chronologically, users took pride in having an "early page number".Others had some poorly timed blasts from the past with ex partners texting them during the evening or even bumping into them while on the date.According to the survey, singletons today feel a lot of pressure when dating, with 65 percent saying they felt under that their family and friends were hopeful that they would find “the one”.Zoosk, a dating site and app, analyzed 1,200 women’s profiles and found that these individuals were three times more likely to be messaged if they were wearing make-up including eye shadow, lipstick and blush.was an early social networking website, the first that catered towards youth and indie music culture.Despite the site's name, Miller insisted in the years of the site's infancy that it was not a dating site, but a place to make friends.

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