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The former 400 ace has been in the news as she has revealed in her memoir that she had an abortion just prior to the 2008 Olympics where she won individual bronze and relay gold.Abortion is obviously an emotional topic which we aren't going to solve on these forums.

So her entire relay team, training partners, they all had them and then confided in her that they did?

Her statements are irresponsible and potentially harmful to female athletes and the sport as well.

You can't take every word someone says so literally.pretty sure they do it on purpose for the hormonal gains.

Maybe Richards Ross' abortion was an accident, but in Russia for example they all get knocked up on purpose for the hormonal gains to get a competitive advantage.trollism wrote: Even without the word 'literally' she's quite explicitly saying 'every female athlete she knows has had an abortion'.

Now that I'm going to be a mother and now that God has blessed me again, I felt like I needed to kind of purge myself of that and help others do the same."This is complete rubbish from someone trying to sell something.

To say that she literally doesn't know anyone at her level who hasn't had an abortion is BS.Why didn't she just say 'I know of many female athletes who've had an abortion'?She said "I literally do not know another female track athlete who hasn't had an abortion". Check out the name of her HS in Jamaica: "Immaculate Conception High School."I swear that's true.Someone (preferably a former teammate) should call her out.She deserves a lot of credit for putting the discussion into the open regardless of your stance on the topic.So I didn't know all of my options and I had been fortunate up until that point - my husband and I had been dating for five years, I was engaged to him- I had (had) no mishaps prior so I was just put in a really, really tough situation and for me it was so much more than the physical.

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