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He walked over to a window on the first floor, removed the screen and cleaned his entire pool with it in under 5 minutes.

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Above ground pools, however, lack this technology and don’t get to experience the benefits of having one, including the ability to clear the water faster by drawing water in from the deep end into your filter.

If you have a manual vacuum (and you absolutely should), you can hook it up and place the vacuum in the middle of your pool UPSIDE DOWN to act as a main drain in order to clear you water faster if you’re experiencing cloudiness.

Old panty hose work great for filtering out debris before entering your pool’s filter system.

Just take an old pair and wrap them around your skimmer baskets. will aid your sand filter in picking up finer particles from your water.

The pantyhose - sometimes new, sometimes used - haves been left on Camp Street for more than two years. Resident Laurie Warich tells the Milford Daily News she picked up 43 pairs in one day.

Police say they've done some investigating and talked to one suspect.

They will help collect finer and more debris that with just a plain skimmer basket. powder to your skimmer and let it run through your system. The tennis ball will absorb oils left behind by swimmers, including natural body oil, suntan lotions, makeup and hair products.

You can also wrap pantyhose around your skimmer net (or window screen). Powder with your sand filter to boost the effectiveness of your filter. Just place a couple of tennis balls in your pool and let them float around.

John was a resourceful man, and he wasn’t about to let this stop him from enjoying a clean pool.


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