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gradually seeing that they’re now falling for them instead.Then the haremologist gets to have a brief romance and then turn it down or to claim that his/her interest has been ‘misunderstood’ and that they just want friendship.

As soon as I heard about this, a code red alert went off for me.

“You’d want to watch yourself there with all of those exes.

People who collect exes and who in fact collect ‘supply’ are what I’ve joked are ‘haremologists’.

If a person collects attention but is pretty indiscriminate about it and doesn’t have a harem per se (like people who trawl for attention on introduction ‘dating’ sites, Facebook et al), they’re more of an attentionphile.

Note – some people like going out with their friend’s exes because they’re pre-approved.

Being friends with the exes of their friends elevates them and they may even enjoy listening to these people expressing their hurt over the breakup and then…

It’s as if this guy is carting around a cemetery of all the women he’s ever been involved with or who have expressed an interest in him. All of this carry-on is reassurance that they’re not shady and is about maintaining illusions.

The pursuing of ‘friendship’ which may be little more than lots of messaging, is about getting harem members to forget their own feelings so that they can stroke his/hers and assuage them of their guilt.

I had to remind her that she is pretty damn great too.

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